Unity 2.6 is Free to Download

Yup, that’s right. They have made Unity 2.6 available for free. Although you get a few more functionality related stuff with the professional version, this free version still allows you to make whatever you may have in mind come to life. It works with C#, JavaScript or Boo, and it’s a very powerful tool for game creation. I highly recomend it.

It may seem a bit intimidatingly full of stuff at first sight (not in my screeshot), but it’s in fact not that scary. In fact, it has a very logical and user friendly interface, and very practical tools for the development process. It also has a webplayer, which alows you to develop web games, much like those made in Flash or a similar app. I depends on programing to some extent, but it’s not as hard as what I’ve seen before.

If you want to make decent games, go and get it.


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