Oh no! Another Horror Story!

The latest adventure I got myself into is a mod for Half-Life 2. It doesn’t yet have a title nor it has any real thought given into it due to its experimental aproach. So far so good, but I had to go around some wicked bugs it was having envolving cameras (point_viewcontrol), rain and point_spotlights. The cameras were there to make a short intro to the story of the mod, but I’ve decided to come up with it in video format and display it on the beggining of the map. So the intro is taken care of.

After that I had to look into the source code in order to change the player walk and run speeds, and also to deactivate the crosshairs. No, the game will not have a crosshair. It’s supposed to become a survival horror mod, and IF the player ever has any weapons they will be some kind of casual everyday intrument like and axe or a fry-pan. I have some other ideas for certain weapons or defensive systems that I’ll only be able to implement if I find a good and generous programmer that is willing to help me.

The final product should be a short/medium playable mod, as much scary as I can make it, and with a nice amount of interaction and little bit of freedom of choice. And since I’m a perfectionist by nature, some easter-eggs will surely be lurking from the shadows as well.

It will not be the typical haunted mansion type of horror story, even though you may thing that by looking at the photos. The mansion is a simple house in the woods, from a missing famous writter, and you are going in to investigate about his absence. What will happen after you get into his life (death?) or what lurks inside his house? Or… oh, wait!  Is it outside looking at you as you go in? That’s something you’ll be able to find out once you take your investigation forward.

I’ll be posting more details about it’s deving and my ideas as I make it grow.


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