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Loooong absence…

Posted in Bla bla bla... on December 22, 2010 by skaruts

Some dificulties along the way have left me with my hands tied to keep working on almost everything I was working on… My ATI graphics card broke down and I quit the last ISP I was connected through, and until I buy a new card I won’t be doing any mapping, unless the PC I’m using now can handle Half Life 2. Maybe in a recent future I will re-establish my internet connection, and that will allow me to get my researches going and perhaps some of my works.

However, I have not been idle. I will post my atempts on creating simple games in Flash as soon as I figure out how to embed a swf file and as soon as I make them the necessary changes (shrinking) for them to fit a blog page. I will also post some 3D models (Blender is amazingly light, and runs on any PC :D) and other works I may have done.

Until I come back, cheers and a happy xmas. 😀