Loooong absence…

Some dificulties along the way have left me with my hands tied to keep working on almost everything I was working on… My ATI graphics card broke down and I quit the last ISP I was connected through, and until I buy a new card I won’t be doing any mapping, unless the PC I’m using now can handle Half Life 2. Maybe in a recent future I will re-establish my internet connection, and that will allow me to get my researches going and perhaps some of my works.

However, I have not been idle. I will post my atempts on creating simple games in Flash as soon as I figure out how to embed a swf file and as soon as I make them the necessary changes (shrinking) for them to fit a blog page. I will also post some 3D models (Blender is amazingly light, and runs on any PC :D) and other works I may have done.

Until I come back, cheers and a happy xmas. 😀


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