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Ok, heading for a new path…

Posted in Bla bla bla... on May 15, 2011 by skaruts

Good news, and bad news. Good news is, I’m back on my own super-computer (yea, right) and I’m feeling like doing something again. Bad news is, since HL2dm has been upgraded I feel like my jump maps aren’t good for anything anymore… I feel sad for this. The themes may serve some purpose in the future, but the straightforward jumping is pretty much obsolete, due to a Sprint bug that popped out of Valve’s (not surprisingly) really intelligent upgrading of the game. So all my maps have suddenly turned from stand-by mode into a full halt.
I won’t be developing them for AG2 either, mostly because of the lack of active players, and because the active ones play Pro-mode mostly, which I don’t at all.
My horror story mod, is pretty much left aside too. I may come back to it sometime in the future, probably when chicken start laying omelets. 😀 Due to a complete reinstall of my PC’s OS I now have the mod… somewhere… and I’d need to get everything organized again in order to be able to continue with it. But to be honest, I lost most of the inspiration I had back then, so probably only when those omelets come.
I have, however, a good amount of will to start exploring an idea I had some time ago, before my PC broke down. The original idea was to make a CTF map for HL2dm, based on that amazing game from my youth era, Dungeon Keeper. I did a fair amount of stuff back then. It’s not much compared to my goals, but considering all the work I had, it was already a very significant amount for me.
I’m currently catching up and recapping on source stuff and blas, hammer crashes and bugs, and all those nice annoyances from Valve, and I’m already sketching up some ideas and doing some 3D modeling. I made a video back then from the results of my experiments. I have yet no advancements to show off, but if all goes well, I may soon show some neat stuff, and maybe even what my goal is. Meanwhile, I need to start going to the beach, and do some more sketching in the process.


Loooong absence…

Posted in Bla bla bla... on December 22, 2010 by skaruts

Some dificulties along the way have left me with my hands tied to keep working on almost everything I was working on… My ATI graphics card broke down and I quit the last ISP I was connected through, and until I buy a new card I won’t be doing any mapping, unless the PC I’m using now can handle Half Life 2. Maybe in a recent future I will re-establish my internet connection, and that will allow me to get my researches going and perhaps some of my works.

However, I have not been idle. I will post my atempts on creating simple games in Flash as soon as I figure out how to embed a swf file and as soon as I make them the necessary changes (shrinking) for them to fit a blog page. I will also post some 3D models (Blender is amazingly light, and runs on any PC :D) and other works I may have done.

Until I come back, cheers and a happy xmas. 😀

Hello cruel world!

Posted in Bla bla bla... on January 18, 2010 by skaruts

Great! I have a new blog on wordpress!

Well, it’s actualy my first blog on wordpress, but not my very first blog in the world. But still, I’ll try to make sure that this blog sucks even more than my first ones, and that its level of interest falls way below any expectations and below anything else that is below of what’s below.

So, it’s time to get my hands dirty and make this the worse blog ever.

Have fun!