HL2dm Maps

Jumpmap8 is a natural evolution and consequent numbering of the very first untitled jumpmap I ever made. When it reached it’s 7th version (jumpmap7) it stood there for a while since that was the first time it was realy a playable and enjoyable map. It evolved into a better and better map until I finally decided to give it a theme just like the others, and that’s when it turned into it’s 8th version, which isn’t yet playable but has a more appealing look, and many ideas started to flow from there. Only two sections of this map have a closer look to the final goal, but some other sections are basicaly done. The theme goal is a (Grungy-)Steampunk style, with Iris doors, fast moving platforms, and more stuff I have yet to implement in it. Development is back on track, you can see some updated pictures of it in its pictures blog, here.

This Combine Bunker map is obviously inpired in the magnitude of the magnificent Combine structures, like the Citadel, in Half-Life 2 series and one of it’s mods, Minerva – Metastasis. This map is also responsible for my idea of having a theme on a jump training map. I still have to find out if I want to make it a simple jump map, or an escape map (no Combine NPCs included). Development is on stand by for some time already, since my inspiration reserves ran out and I started working on the Training Field. Until further development takes place you can visit its old dedicated blog, here, for some pictures of it.

This Tomb-Raider/ Indiana Jones style map was inspired in both of them, adjusted for HL2dm jumps and bunny-hop training, andalso as a test to those who can bhop and jump well enough to feel confident in any map. It’s main goal is to escape the map, going through numerous traps, puzzles, and labirinths, and it will surely test-proof you skills at HL2dm movement techniques. More info about it in its old dedicated blog, here.

Training Field is a map inspired in some sort of military facility, adjusted for HL2dm jumps and bunny hop training. It was the 3rd map I started constructing under the idea of making training fun and having an actual theme in hl2dm jump-maps for the first time. If you like it you can see the development log of this map here.


One Response to “HL2dm Maps”

  1. … i am still waiting … i hoooooooope you will finish them … -:-)) All three styles are awesome cool. The have a cool and consequent theme. So i am looking forward to see these maps next days on my jump server ….

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