Jumpmap8 coming alive!

Finaly Jumpmap8 is moving forward. Been working on it for 3 days straight and I’m getting pleased with the results. I had made the sections in the map modularly, so that I can shuffle them as I like, and play with the layout. The current layout is a bit repetitive, but since there’s still lots to be done it may still become more fun and refreshing. It’s still refreshing to play a new jump map in hl2dm, that’s for sure, even a repetitive one.

I’m also happy about the new levels I came up with, like this Zigzag excercise you see in the picture, and some others. They may boost the refreshing feeling a bit more, hopefully. The lighting is very dull and weak, and not so colorful as I intend, but hey this isn’t even an alpha version yet. 😀

For more pictures of it, please visit it’s pictures blog .


9 Responses to “Jumpmap8 coming alive!”

  1. you should stop having no internet and continue making jump maps for AG2 pro mode ^^
    that is never try by anybody … try it ^^ do it ^^

    merry xmas and happy new year ^^

    • Pro Mode is not for me… I don’t know how much you can jump in it, so I’d need some volunteers and a mapper to test a new adapted ptrain and check on jump limits and then I could base my maps on that.
      I’ll have to test that on regular mode too, cuz there’s still a slight diference in AG2 Regular Mode, I guess.

  2. what ta hell is this map :0

    • 😀 Very few people had seen it while it was jumpmap7, before it turned into jumpmap8 with a completely new look. This was my first attempt ever at doing a jumpmap, back when I started mapping… err… 3 years ago perhaps. 😀

  3. and where is it now

  4. Zeitgeist Says:

    “and where is it now”?
    I want it.

    • Sadly, as of the august 2010 mac update that ruined a lot of stuff in the game, I stopped all development of anything I had related to hl2dm…
      I still consider polishing a bit and releasing these maps as they were, someday, but I can’t predict when my motivation will push me to it.

  5. Zeitgeist Says:

    If you will release these jump maps, put them on clans-united.net
    Keep hl2dm alive 🙂

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