Training Field

I’m currently converting some bsp structures into actual 3D models for performance reasons. The map’s FPS rates aren’t as high as I intended them to be, so I need to make everything in my grasp to gain a bit more. A jumping map can’t have FPS related issues. It’s a training/fun map, so any issue should become an annoying pain in the ass for a player. Furthermore, this allows me to add a bit more detail to the models and embelish the map.

The watch-tower is the first in line. I already exported it out of hammer and into Blender, and I’m eliminating any existing triangles, so that I can later UV map it. All I can say at the moment is that, although it’s a little more time-consuming than I expected, it seems to be going according to my plans.

Eliminating triangles and and joining some parts that were originaly made separately are being the most time/patience-consuming part. But with a little perseverance it will all come to life.

For more backwards info on this map, visit it’s old dedicated blog.


5 Responses to “Training Field”

  1. fucking nice map ^^ waiting 🙂

  2. Still waiting ^^ hahahaha ….

  3. I thought I’d try rebuilding it for optimization compatibility…
    The way I was going was not optimization friendly at all, no matter how hard I tried.

  4. i smell the map will be finish in some days …
    muhahahaha ….
    serious … let us try to transform this map theme for ag2 🙂

    merry xmas and happy new year to sunny land while i freeze my ******* ….

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