Unity 2.6 is Free to Download

Posted in Game Making Tools on January 18, 2010 by skaruts

Yup, that’s right. They have made Unity 2.6 available for free. Although you get a few more functionality related stuff with the professional version, this free version still allows you to make whatever you may have in mind come to life. It works with C#, JavaScript or Boo, and it’s a very powerful tool for game creation. I highly recomend it.

It may seem a bit intimidatingly full of stuff at first sight (not in my screeshot), but it’s in fact not that scary. In fact, it has a very logical and user friendly interface, and very practical tools for the development process. It also has a webplayer, which alows you to develop web games, much like those made in Flash or a similar app. I depends on programing to some extent, but it’s not as hard as what I’ve seen before.

If you want to make decent games, go and get it.


Hello cruel world!

Posted in Bla bla bla... on January 18, 2010 by skaruts

Great! I have a new blog on wordpress!

Well, it’s actualy my first blog on wordpress, but not my very first blog in the world. But still, I’ll try to make sure that this blog sucks even more than my first ones, and that its level of interest falls way below any expectations and below anything else that is below of what’s below.

So, it’s time to get my hands dirty and make this the worse blog ever.

Have fun!