Who the hell is Skaruts??

Well, that’s the best kept secret in the whole history of humanity! But is just about to get uncovered.

To summarise it, I’m a 29 year old portuguese perfectionist, yet simplistic guy who lives very close to the beach and who looves pasta!

But well, if you ask, I’m interested in game deving since long ago, when I found a program called The Games Factory. Well, I had all the time in the world at that time, being a kid and all, and I actually made quite a few nice experimental games in it. But even though the program was good enough to play with and achieve some quite nice results I quickly found it was limited and didn’t fulfill my needs. I didn’t stop using it due to the lack of other better game making programs. At least that I knew about.

At that time I was also interested in image editing with Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photopaint, and I made quite a few skins for Quake player models (Judge Dredd’s robot Fido, DC Comic’s Lobo, and more…), Quake custom console backgrounds, custom CD covers for my games, and many more stuff I don’t remember anymore.

Unfortunately, I lost everything I made up to that point due to not backing everything up in CDs, and I never released any of it due to the lack of an internet connection.

Later on I have quit being intimidated by the aspect of 3D modeling programs and I started dealing with them. Up to today I made quite a few models and experiments, and I’ve learned other games/mods related things, and that’s what this blog is about.

I’ve been trying to learn programming through all these years, but I never achieved any significant goal.

But who knows, maybe one of these days…

Portugal has always been, and somehow still is, a place where no one takes game making seriously and there’s no specialized courses or anything. There’s some waaay expensive programing, 3D modeling, graphic/web design courses, and there’s some others less expensive but hard to find. There’s a few people actually making it professionaly, and there’s one or two game companies that poped up in a recent past, but no more.  I wasn’t born in the best place to fulfill my dreams the easy way, so, what the hell, I do it the hard way.

The-hard-way is the story of my life anyway.


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